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CmusicAI Network stands as a music platform built on blockchain technology that is managed by individuals who share a profound passion for music. However, our focus extends beyond just catering to music enthusiasts; we are actively creating an unparalleled network that fosters connections and collaborations among musicians, artists, marketers, content writers, stagehands, and other essential figures within the music industry. This unique platform opens up new avenues for innovation and excitement in the realm of music.

The blockchain industry has yet to fully tap into the potential of the music industry, mainly because of the complex challenges surrounding funding, artist compensation, and artist adoption of the platform.

In order to restore innovation to the music industry, it is necessary to shift the focus away from user interface and towards utility. Music streaming platforms have been dedicating an increasing amount of time to their user interface, neglecting the need for innovation. At CmusicAI, our goal is to introduce DeFi to the music industry and create an ecosystem that gradually transforms it into a decentralized system that operates seamlessly from start to finish.

In order to bring CmusicAI’s vision and goal to fruition, our team is actively developing the necessary technologies and protocols to construct decentralized music applications that empower users with a variety of services. Our objective is to harness the immediate advantages offered by blockchain and decentralized technologies, such as self-sovereign identity, portability, provenance, payment channels, and security, all while ensuring a top-notch user experience and adherence to legal requirements.

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