Roadmap - CmusicAI

The Artists - Projected by 2024 Q3

Our initial phase focuses on empowering artists with essential tools and features to showcase their talents and connect with fans.


  • MacOS Wallet Support: Secure and seamless integration with MacOS Wallet.
  • CMS Holders Club: Participate in our Holders Club program to earn rewards.
  • Artist Shop: A dedicated space for artists to sell their merchandise with virtually no fees.
  • Artist Profiles: Personalized profiles for artists to highlight their work.
  • Beta Investing In Artists: A platform for fans to invest in their favorite participating artists.
  • AI Lyric Generator: Innovative AI tool to assist in creating captivating lyrics.

The App - Projected by 2025 Q1

In the next phase, we will launch our comprehensive app, enhancing accessibility and offering on-demand services.


  • Web + Mobile Wallets: Convenient access to your digital assets on both web and mobile platforms.
  • On Demand Streaming: Instant access to a vast library of music and content.
  • AI Generated Music: Create unique music pieces with the help of AI.
  • On Demand Production: Tools for producing music on the go.
  • Music Scene Tagging: Easily categorize and discover music scenes.

Talent Support - Projected by 2026 Q1

Our focus will shift to providing robust support for talent discovery and promotion.


  • Streaming Channels: Dedicated channels for streaming music and content.
  • AI Generated Advertisement: Leverage AI to create engaging advertisements.
  • Talent Discovery: Innovative tools to discover and nurture new talent.
  • AI Assisted Creator Studio: Advanced studio tools powered by AI.
  • Talent Program: Programs designed to support and develop artists.
  • Invest in Artists: Opportunities for investing in emerging artists.

Culture Scenes - Projected by 2026 Q3

Finally, we aim to enrich cultural experiences and foster community interactions.


  • Social Interactions: Enhance connections within the music community.
  • Culture Scenes: Explore and engage with diverse cultural music scenes.
  • Music Requests: Personalized music requests for fans.
  • Business Services: Support services for music-related businesses.
  • Invest in Culture Scenes: Opportunities to invest in cultural projects.
  • APIs for 3rd Parties: Integrate with third-party services through our APIs.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring these exciting features to life. Join us on this journey and be a part of the future of music with CmusicAI.

This roadmap is the team’s current vision and is subject to changes.